Fall semester topics

Living in Hungary as an international student

We'd like to provide you a few "how to" skills in the form of broshures websites to make your understanding of Hungary and Hungarian broader.

  • Cross-cultural journey for international students living in Hungary
  • List of condensed thoughts written by foreigners living in Hungary
  • Adjusting to college - making the transition
  • Resources on living with flat- or roommate(s)

  • When Friends Become Housemates: Making it Work
  • Sharing Space: Rooming House, Cooperative or Collective?
  • The Top 5 Housemate Complaints
  • Additional web resources

  • Banking, Money and Taxes in Hungary
  • The Community of Expats and English Speakers in Hungary website
  • Recommended books to read

    Zsuzsanna Ardo: Hungary (Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette), Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company; Expanded edition, 2003.