Fall semester topics

Overcoming test/academic anxiety

Test anxiety is an uneasiness or apprehension experienced before, during, or after an examination because of concern, worry, or fear. Almost everyone experiences some anxiety. But some students find that anxiety interferes with their learning and test taking to such an extent that their grades are seriously affected. (Source)

Dealing with Anxiety in general
The first step is to distinguish between two types of anxiety. If your anxiety is a direct result of lack of preparation, consider it a normal, rational reaction. However, if you are adequately prepared but still panic, "blank out", and/or overreact, your reaction is not rational. While both of these anxieties may be considered normal (anyone can have them) it is certainly helpful to know how to overcome their effects. (Source: Counseling Center at University of Illinois)

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  • Self-Help Strategies for Relief from Anxieties, Worries, and Fears
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