Fall semester topics

Benefits of charity and volunteer work

Volunteering could bring quite a few benefits to one's life experience. It can open doors inside and outside. It boils down to determination. In today's contemporary world, we tend to grow vary of other people's needs and various social or environmental problems. Among others, this process is contributed to information flooding - as we are bombarded with such high intensity of information and harshness that we get tired of looking - and slowly drift into non-action or partial passivity. Eventually with this non-action mentality, we end up building an inner wall of insensitivity towards the outside world. Although we still experience a wide range of emotions and moved by others, we just won't care that much to take action in the end.

Counter-productive thoughts usually accompany such passive attitude (such as I can't solve his/her problem, I am too weak, poor, unskilled, tired...and so on and on.) If you're mind is revolving around such discouraging thoughts, experts say you should fight them or disregard them. Adapt an attitude that is based on your own moral values, and commit yourself to realize what you believe in. We would like to encourage you to shake off this inner resistance and move into action. There are many organization and places in Budapest where they would love to have YOU for an hour, half-a-day service or longer. Modern social sciences agree that it is best if we remain integrative open minded thinkers. Below, read more about the mental health benefits of helping others:

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  • If you are interested in volunteering your time/work/effort - contact Human-Service and we can help you get started.