Fall semester topics

Learning to improve concentration and developing good study habits

Below you find a few links relating to the topic to eliminate psychological factors potentially hindering concentration in a college/university environment. Check out our page dedicated to the topic of procrastination for further resources.

  • What predicts grad school success?
  • Enhance your memory (APA tips)
  • Stress management for college students
  • Time management for college students
  • Tips on developing math confidence
  • Building self confidence
  • Overcoming pessimism
  • Sleep hygine 1.
  • Sleep hygine 2.
  • 10 Highly Effective Study Habits
  • 5 Study Techniques Every Clinical Student Should Know
  • Additional resources for VET students

  • Study strategies in medical school
  • How to prepare for studying
  • Preparing for medical school - strategies for success
  • Adjusting To Medical School
  • Study tips for VET students by
  • Study skills for the long run
  • Additional web resources