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Smartphone apps

Mental health related smartphone applications for APPLE

Sleep Cycle alarm clock
Optimism app
Time management - Your Daily Coach
Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM)
Suicide prevention giude for firends, family members.
T2 Mood tracker

Mental health related smartphone applications for ANDROID

Mindfulness app
Stop, breathe & think app for mindfulness
Focus booster - pomodoro (free trial)
Worry Box – Anxiety Self-Help
Stop Panic & Anxiety Help
Sleep Time - Alarm Clock
Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM)
Anti-Anxiety APP

Self-help books

We would recommend the following psych self-help books for personal growth and healing.
In most cases, when someone decides that he/she wants to leave the past behind and get better, to learn more about the condition(s) leading to a particular state of mind is a highly recommended step. See below some book titles (in random order) therapists often prescribe to read for clients (if relevant) in addition to 1:1 sessions or group discussions.

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Peer-mentoring program

If you are at least a second year student and interested to become a peer-mentor on your campus visit our band new "pilot" peer-buddy page for more information.


Highly recommended resources

  • A collection of topics and coping methods for students facing various difficulties

  • Tips on how to approach a professor for help

  • Why it is better to take notes by pen than by using your laptop

  • Freenoting - a technique to take effective notes

  • Strategies for forming study groups

  • Informative and interactive Australian resoruce page called The desk

  • Further web resources

  • Progressive muscle relaxation self-guide - activity

  • Pomodoro technique - for better time management and improving productivity

  • Sherry Turkle's TED talk - Connected, But Alone?

  • Philip Zimbardo - Heroic Imagination Project

  • Lots of psychological assessments and self-help tests

  • The Opposite Of Addiction is Connection

  • Information on vulnerability

  • Motivating traumas - Emmy Werner resilience research material

  • Healing the shame that binds you - John Bradshaw

  • A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy - D.C. Bricker; J.E. Young (Schema Therapy Institute)

  • Psychological terms and expressions (PsychPedia)

  • How to help someone who might be suicidal

  • Stories for healing

    There are collections of fables and short stories we use as a theraputic tool in counseling. Here is one you can download titled: portrait of a rich man's son.

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    Global Awareness Calendar

    Every week we bring a mental health related topic to the eye of the public with the intention to generate a deeper understanding towards the given agenda.

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    Movies for therapy

    we have put together a list of movies as tools for personal growth and development. As you all know movies tend to portray various life-situations sad or happy, dramatic and/or traumatic etc. Films with their unique interpretations on decision-making and coping, may serve a good base to evoke emotional reactions in the audience. Esentially, film therapy utilizes and works with the inner psych content of clients of the hidden self as they are asked to watch designated movies relating to their own issues with specific guidelines that they later discuss in therapeutic setting.

    Movies to see